November 17, 2016 meeting notes

*Disclaimer: These notes ARE NOT a substitute for coming to the meetings. The notes are not comprehensive but hopefully provide helpful, single source information.  We encourage you to come and participate, meet neighbors, and add your voice and ears to the mix.*


Brigitte Cook (assistant to CP Lynette Gibson McElhaney) gave the following update:
PG&E construction project 
PGE is willing to set up meeting if the neighbors would like. Signs that said multiple blocks [28th-30th, Magnolia-Union] would be blocked off Oct -Jan should NOT have been put up all at once, but block by block as work is done. They are fixing gas pipelines and upgrading. They sent letters to residents and did a robocall. They may need to go onto our properties to replace gas meter on house if necessary. If you have questions or concerns, contact Roxanne Cruz at 650-291-9894 or email

Compassionate Communities at 35th/Peralta/Magnolia
The initial census before was enclosed was 42. The goal was to perimeter 4 blocks and keep them inside. There are more people than initial census, but there is a lesser impact on the overall community (for example, a community at 28th and Haven was growing, so they got roped in). So far, 10 individuals have received shelter or housing and 1 has gotten permanent housing. As one person moves out someone else moves in, which is not the goal and the CP’s office is trying to figure that out. The feedback from social services from the port a potty folks is this:

Magnolia Community [how they refer to themselves] residents clean everyday and keep the portapotty clean. It’s one of the cleanest portapotties we serve.

Waste Management comes 3x a week and are going to increase to 5 days a week.

The immediate goals were to lessen impact of sprawl; provide services to individuals; and to create sense of community – done.

Public safety concerns – put up no parking signs, drug dealing inside?
OPD committed to towing cars parked in No Parking (except any one who has clear business such as food drop off). They arrested a drug dealer who sold inside the enclosure. We discussed other ways to engage and how to not push people back out on the street.

How does what’s happening in encampment relate to gang activity? OPD doesn’t see any correlation. There are users but they aren’t engaging with people who are feuding. Campers not fueling it and not a part of it.

City says they are still on target. It reiterates that this is a test pilot and it will end March 31, 2017. There are no plans to go past then. Currently the City is looking for locations for safe parking and safe camping – just in case they need to relocate the camp. They also want to know where neighbors DON’T want it relocated. Propositions A1 and KK passed – percentages go to affordable housing 0-20% ami to deal with homelessness. Some federal and state dollars coming down for mental health. 70% of funds impact district 3. Master leases, receiverships, safe camping, safe parking – the City can look into because of these dollars, but they won’t see state and local dollars til next tax cycle. $60k coming from county [<

City wants neighbors to encourage this: don’t drop off stuff to Compassionate/Magnolia Community. It’s been the source of illegal dumping, gross moldy food dropped off, and the campers have no refrigeration.

Community Ambassadors Program – resource development
Pastor Lankford is creating a program to help keep the streets clean and help the Compassionate Community. It’s based on the Downtown Streets Program in San Jose. Workers, who are from West Oakland, do not receive cash, but they’ll get stipends, and neighbors can donate gift cards [WalMart, Target, Safeway Choice cards are most useful]. You can ask them what needs CC has: feminine products (get overlooked) and blankets are useful, but connect with Pastor Lankford. He needs help making calls to Alameda County to get the money that is rightfully West Oakland’s allotment. Call him at 510-444-9655 Or

Turkey giveaways!
Saturday, Nov 19: 12-3pm at North Oakland Baptist Church
Saturday, Nov 19: 10 AM-1:30 PM, AFB Warehouse, 650 W. Ranger Ave. Alameda Food Bank
Tuesday, Nov 22: 3-5pm JaVale McGee from the Warriors at True Vine Ministries 896 Isabella St.

NCPC: Officers Fajardo & Gallinatti, Sgt. Jones

They have received complaints about drive-up drug dealing in encampments but they don’t want to actively police because they don’t want to seem like they’re policing homelessness. It really helps them if neighbors call or email anonymous drug tips or call the non emergency police line with information. They have been working on extremely targeted policing.

They have worked with the City to make the curbs around encampment red.

Stop sign
Regarding Stop sign northbound Peralta at 35th, neighbor requested to add a sign that says:  “oncoming traffic does not stop.” Officer Gallinatti looking into. [Follow up in January]

The homicide on 32 and Adeline Monday was due to feuding factions. The man was recently released from prison and the shooting had to do with territory – it was targeted. He was the boyfriend of woman who’s notorious around here who is now in jail. He made some people angry and they came after them. Took out their hate for her on him. He’s caused problems for years.

Lisa is facing federal charges will be away for at least 8 years; 85-90 percent of her sentence is mandatory. OPD is putting more federal cases together on a couple of other people in this area.

A neighbor asked about possible retaliation? She was worried there might be more violence at 30th and Union. The officer said it would likely happen someplace else; bcause of that, OPD has upped their patrol and have taken officers from North Oakland, but they have not heard revenge chatter.

One shooter caught from an incident at 30th and Union has a federal case and will be going to jail longer than Lisa.

The homicide at 34th and Helen: the woman was targeted for affiliation with her boyfriend. Neighbors asked why it took 40 minutes, but Sgt. Jones expressed surprised and doubt, saying 40 min wait was not accurate; shootings are OPD’s priority 1 calls: they stop everything and respond. 40 min would be long for a property crime. Highly doubtful.

Despite these two recent tragedies, Sgt Jones said homicides and shootings are still down double digits. There has been an uptick city wide – mainly in East Oakland – but still down 14% from last year and last year was down 15% from year before.

If you hear an argument on the street augmenting, call Oakland Unite before you call the police. They walk around at nights in white jackets and they help deescalate situations. Call Kevin Grant or Sarah Bedford. These are your Measure Z dollars at work.

When OPD started taking drug dealers off the street, they don’t feel comfortable anymore, so they move to other smaller areas. They’re no longer intimidating neighbors, but it can create territory disputes.

Certain areas are targeted by police because of need. The are taking care of one spot at a time. Violence takes priority over drug dealing. They have a tough time because they are putting out fires all over.

Neighbor asks: Will cameras at 35th and Peralta/Magnolia be working? OPD [Gallinatti] will follow up. Cameras are from the city.

Neighbor says a prostitute has been working corner of 30th and Union. Has a very heavy guy who protects her. OPD says they usually want the pimp more than prostitute. Call non emergency number with descriptions etc.
*Prostitution Hotline: 510-238-2373 (tips); 510-777-3211 (in progress)

Your reporting has resulted in a lot of success. Report report report, they encourage.

SPARC announcements
Revitalization of San Pablo:
SPARC-it place on San Pablo below California Hotel had grand opening earlier this month. 325 people attended. They will be hosting first friday events starting Dec 3 from 4:30-7pm.

Do you have anything to sell? SPARC-it place hosting a Dec 10 holiday market 11-3.

Saturday, November 19, they’re hosting the Connect Festival at the California Hotel: Hot dogs, art, free haircuts, live music! Connect with housed and unhoused neighbors in a non-threatening environment.

Interested in shaping what happens in an affordable housing space? Join in and participate in designing the building – contact Annie at



Saturday, Dec 3, 9am-3pm: There will be a Volunteer cleanup of 4 medians around San Pablo. The City will block off lanes. There will be civic core workers but they still need community volunteers to show we have stake in it.

There will be light work that consists of spreading weed-blocking fabric then piles of wood chip mulch. The new site of People’s Community Market 3103 Myrtle will be the meeting point.

St Andrews Plaza – Board Member Karen gives an update
Renovation has begun! Crews cleaned garbage and wrapped trees with barriers.
Money runs out in June, so has to get done by then. Fresh dirt was poured in; neighbors have been noticing daily activity.

People’s Community Market is around corner from St. Andrew’s Plaza.
They are very close to getting $2m in funding. They are trying to get $40k match by Dec 2nd. You can get together to go in on an investment, but it has to be made under a single entity.

East Bay Asian Local Development Corp (EBALDC) hopes to purchase the building across from PCM and get new tenants.

The market aims to get financing in March, break ground in June, and open in August.

12 positions
2 Co-Chairs
4 At-Large members
2 Membership Chairs
2 Auxiliary members

Elections – most important cog in wheel!

Co-Chair #1: Ray Kidd, will stay on
Co-Chair #2: need nominee
Secretary: need nominee
Treasurer: Terri Dunn, will stay on
At-Large: Carol Wyatt
At-Large: Karen Zukor/Doug Taylor will replace her in January
At-Large: Raymond Lankford nominated
At-Large: Jamillah Talton nominated
Membership chair: Elaine Kim, will stay on
Membership chair: Peter McQuaid nominated
Auxiliary member: Renata Foucre nominated
Auxiliary member: Romi Hall will stay on
Auxiliary member: Brahm Amadhi

Alliance out-going Board Member Tyler Henthorne gives update
Alliance has signed exhibit a and exhibit b, which was the final step in the agreement process. It terminated the grandfathered ability to process recycling at that site. It is no longer zoned for it ever again.

Activate complaining into action:encourage people to come to meetings!

See Click Fix works!
Alliance covered in graffiti. Since it’s now a code enforcement issue, See Click Fix it.
SCF is still running data, but had a boom of indicators which averaged over 100 unique responses every month for Alliance. We’ll get to see pre and post Alliance closing. Keep scf-ing – it makes a huge difference. The City spent $250k in removal fees up to its closing dramatic; there’s been a dramatic drop in dumping.

Air testing in your yard – Are you “sootible?” Yes!
PhD’s from Berkeley want to measure the air quality in West Oakland. They have created boxes that measures soot from trucks for 30 day periods, 3x a year and they need 100 volunteers. They have host agreement forms just so no one sues each other.

All they require access to check on it once a week, unless you can plug it in. The box can be ziptied anywhere.

They’d like them to be as spatially diverse as possible. No requirements for where. Anyone can participate, even renters. Just sign the liability release form. They don’t anticipate issues.

Concerned about certain areas (like CASS)? Neighbors can band together and purposefully cluster.

This is a unique air monitoring project of the toxic hotspot that is West Oakland, which has more soot than anyone in the Bay Area.

Holiday party Dec 15! In lieu of regular WON Meeting
We’re partnering with neighbors on the other side of San Pablo
7pm here at Willie Keyes

Peralta Street Landscaping
$2.5 million for landscaping 32nd – 35th and Peralta. The City appropriated the money last month. The approved contractor McGuire & Hester (Oakland based) will begin work mid-January. This is part of the Peralta Street Redevelopment Project.

Next WON/NCPC meeting January 19, 2017!

Please don’t use this blog as a substitute for attending the meetings in person. There is no better way to understand these issues fully than being there and participating and meeting your neighbors and voicing your opinion.


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