Jan 19, 2017 meeting notes


National Crime Prevention Council: Community resource officer Mario Fajardo Mfajardo@oaklandnet.com

If you have any concerns, don’t hesitate to email him.

Police need help identifying homicide suspect:


Suspect drives a white chevy Malibu


Developement on Hannah by City Slickers changed hands and new developers applied for fewer off street parking spots.

Sparc-it place on San Pablo south of 35th by Bluebird Market.
San Pablo Area Revitalization Collaboration:
Their values: Support and grow local business economy, health/blood pressure work, blight reduction, advocacy days, affordable housing development and preservation of housing.

The Community space hosts events, fundraisers, whatever you want to book it for. On Feb 14 they are having a valentine party and informal open house.

Next Thursday Jan 26 from 530-730 pm, there is an event to celebrate end of their construction. EBALDC partnered with Arizmendi, which started a construction business. Arizmendi worked with West Oakland youth, which led to some job placement. You can hire them for projects too.

In two years the sparc-it space will be affordable housing. There was a design charette so that community members could give input. It will be mixed affordable housing: for example, a family of 4 that lives on $50-60k a year.

Toy drive update: We collected over 70 new toys, books & gift cards, and lots of used books & toys at our holiday party in December. About 60 kids received toys & other gifts at Willie Keyes on Thursday the 22nd of December. They were mostly kids who attend the afterschool program at the center, along with kids who were in the camp while school was out before the holiday, in addition to some kids from the neigborhood. An additional 45 children received new & used toys & books at St. Mary’s Preschool. Felicia Verdin (NCPC) along with other neighbors came and helped wrap gifts on the day of the giveaway and Jamillah made a huge effort of feeding all the kids a great brunch. Big heartfelt thanks to everyone who donated (Nancy Wilson deserves a huge thanks!) and I’m proud we were able to add a little bit more sparkle to the holiday for these kids.

A group called the Oakland Urban Forestry Forun had advocated an increased budget for the City’s Tree Division. They asked the budget be raised from 3.5 mil to 5.5 mil and to expand their staff of 14 staff and asked for a staff management plan to keep things in line. Earlier budget cuts had forced the numbers to fall in earlier years.

If you want to join their efforts, you can email Roderick Zahn at rzahn@oaklandnet.com. They are currently asking Mr. Zahn to keep four trees around the new development at 3250 Hollis that have been tagged for demolition.

People’s Community Market: new grocery store:
Zoning will be approved by end of Jan, building permits by end of Feb, financing should be wrapped up by March, they will break ground in May, and hope to open the  store in November

It might be called Full Circle Market.
The Branding Team really wants the community to be involved as it’s the only way they can get clarity what the neighborhood wants. What do you want to see there? Let them know – find them online.

32nd & Chestnut housing project:
Mr. Derrick Chavis is building a new 11 unit apartment which will be ready in April. It’s currently going through planning and he’s trying to add parking. He rectified the squatters situation on the property that had been vacant for 14 years. He’s rehabbed six of units and working on five more. There will be six one bedroom, one bath units and five 2 bed, one bath units.

He will work with a property management team to figure out who to house it to. He has elderly folks in one of his buildings.

He’s going to keep the building, so he plans to take good care of them.

He aims to rent them at market rents within half a mile to mile. He covers water, sewer, garbage, free laundry. Likely low 1800-1900/low 2ks range. Everything is brand new.

Brigitte Cook from Councilperson’s office: the city has been working feverishly to house campers at Magnolia Commons (tent city at 35th and Peralta). They placed 18 of 42. But more moved in now and it’s up to 40 because it’s a safe place to be. As people moved they left their stuff. Since it’s a pilot project, the city is learning what’s working what’s not working.

One tragedy is this: an individual can wait years to get a section 8 voucher and then they cannot find housing so they lose the vouchers.

The city is looking for long term solutions. They are considering everything: tiny homes, shipping containers, prefab. People have donated land in Oak Center.

Though Cal trans has the space, they can’t use land for living. The city is trying to negotiate the camping with them.

The city has been dealing with some bad actors in camp and working with CRO Officer Gallinatti to resolve issues. The residents in Magnolia Commons are well aware they need to leave by March 31. Activists think city isn’t being caring and compassionate, but the people in the camps and the city have made an agreement and understand what is happening. The city also has the obligation to honor agreement to the neighbors.

The city is taking a Homeless Census and Survey on the 31st. They are  looking for volunteers. Get info from Brigitte and get on the weekly email listserv for district 3.

Due to the women’s march, AC transit bus routes maybe rerouted.

There is a planning process going on right now for parks: what do you want to see? how can we utilize them better? who is park steward for Willie Keyes? It needs one because it’s s so active.

Advocate for Willie Keyes!

Pastor Lankford’s Ambassadors program to help clean up the streets. They are having a minor setback because someone withdrew their donation. CAP aims to help people who suffered from Alliance closing.

Public Ethics Commission: everyone is interested in the Warriors tickets violation.

There is a quarterly newsletter called Public Trust, has public access channel too.
They are not watchdogs, they are more like guide dogs.

Oakland has more transparency than any city right now. Open Oakland has a transparency website opendisclosure.io

You can see who gave Lynette money, etc.

Oakland striving to be the most transparent. It used to be most corrupt.

The PEC appreciates community. The City auditor wants people on the PEC, which is a big deal. If she has community support, she can get things done.

As for the Warriors tickets, a 14.4k fine was issued. A family-owned company called AB&I donated the tickets and also gave employees bonuses to donate to elections of four mayors and that is illegal.

Leland Yee was investigated by a PEC and is now in federal prison. They are effective!

Elections: at-large board seat open. Doug Taylor stepped forward and was elected. Member Karen Zukor stepped down.

East Bay Mud discussion of water quality: What is going on with the quality? Public affairs lady is on vacation and Carol will follow up when she returns.

Changed plant recently, which could be source of problem.

EBMUD is very community oriented and want to hear from you.

The next NCPC meeting is March 16. Possible issues to discuss are closing of encampment and event planning 2017: National Night Out and the spring social. Email Carol at beat7xreport@gmail.com if you have ideas for spring social. We have to spend the money or we lose it.

Annie Sloan neighbor services coordinator: if you see the street lights out at Willie Keyes, SeeClickFix it or call public works. It helps the manager at the rec center.


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