March 16, 2017 meeting notes


Attendance: 32 total neighbors incl. 5 board members

Next meeting:  Thursday April 20th 6pm @ Willie Keyes Rec Center 3131 Union St

Lynette’s update on the 35th/Peralta encampment / Compassionate Communities pilot

Lynette Gibson McElhaney, Brigitte Cooke – D3 

(Overall intro) The priorities are quality of life, economic development, public safety.

Unfortunately crime stats are up.  200% more homicides for this time of year.  We are the 4th most violent city in the country – that is a first priority so we can crack the code.

Want to amplify Oakland Unite and create a new Office of Violence Prevention (4/11/17 target)

Focus right now:

1) goal of 80% reduction in homicides and 80% clearance of homicide cases (

2) How to address homelessness

(Specifically regarding 35th/Peralta encampment):  Could they reduce harm?  This is a “limited services in place” model, not a sanctioned encampment.  Within first 60 days half placed in homes.  7 drifted away.  Of the original 42, 7 were reincarcerated.  What community partnerships could they engage to maintain order?  Of course people would gravitate to services hence more people moving in after people were placed in homes.  They have tested existing systems with this pilot, for example coordinated entry – and learned a lot.    

In terms of dismantling the encampment- they don’t want a disorderly exit.  In the same way that it took a few weeks to ramp up at the beginning it could be a couple weeks trailing.  Don’t want it to be an abrupt sweep out.  Be patient and trust they are doing the work.

Future encampment / homeless services:

Was hoping to roll straight out of the first pilot and into the next one, but will likely not launch until April.  Did not specify where.

Regarding parcel on caltrans / mandela (for future encampment?) – negotiations are stuck.  They want $15K-20K/month (crazy!)

Population larger than 50 may be too hard to manage.

Will reach out to BizAlert and WON.  Brigitte plans to knock on doors to talk to check in with close by neighbors wrt the dismantling of the encampment and other encampment locations.  Seeking community wisdom.  Seeking volunteers to help with that.  

Lynette’s office meets with faith leaders quarterly.  Potential for using church parking lots for tiny homes if the city permits it.  But looking into the liability for the city if they allow sub-standard (i.e. not current code conforming) homes.

When asked about illegal dumping: Waste management was refusing to do pickups.

Emeryville Dog Park

Background: Eville Eye 08/11/16

WON supported it.  It is technically in Oakland but Emeryville has responsibility for it because the built the overpass over it.  Can we get Oakland Animal Control Services to service it?  Rob Arias (Eville Eye) is helping lead the charge from Emeryville.

No Coal in Oakland

Phil Tagami has filed a federal suit against the City of Oakland.  First hearing will be 4/20/17.  Claims: 1) Federal Law preempt his ability to export coal. 2) City agreement allows him to have a coal terminal there.  More info here:

CASS Metals

They wanted to move, we (WON) wanted them to move.  We helped secure space on the Oakland Army Base redevelopment (also for CWS) and the agreement is pretty much settled for their move there.  We helped persuade the city to sell them the land so that they would move.   We are looking for input on community benefits to ask for – that is 10 acres of land they will vacate and it is up to us to help shape what that will be or else it will be decided for us.  Potential “campuses” may be interested- Novartis, Pixar.  Or it could become housing.  They don’t have any deals lined up- may lease it or sell it.   At the very least we will ask for a community advisory input.  

SPARC – Annie

2nd Saturday 4/8 – outdoor event

Program: Blight Busters.  Pick a spot in the neighborhood to improve.  Show up with energy or ideas.  Meet people.  Will host in former bluebird liquor store space – open house – a few tuesday/wednesday nights.  Get project funding for your idea.  Meals during meetings and childcare provided.

Seeking artist / co-teacher for new project.  Finished mural on 30th/san pablo.  This is a paid position with funding.


Noted that special resources & crt teams are shared with the entire district and they are stretched thin.  

St Andrews / Filbert – have seen change when they cite people (littering, possession) but is at expense of other areas and not being able to watch.  See spike in crimes elsewhere when attention is diverted.

Neighbor said: concerned about 30th/32nd banana trees- need community to step up and get involved

There will be more enforcement on Mandela Parkway

Neighbor question: after the ghost ship fire what is your policy / what has changed?

-officers are mandated to forward an email notification to other enforcement offices if the officer feels there is an illegal situation- ex. An illegal cabaret, or sub human non-habitable conditions.

Priority / hot spots:  30th/32nd & union/magnolia – don’t want it to take hold after all the effort from last year

24th st – improving but needs attention

Filbert & 30th/32nd – asking for help but absolutely needs community engagement

Immigration / ICE Ally

Part of Hoover Foster RAC.  Working with Jesse from the city re: Immigrant rights.  Organizing a training / presentation through the ACLU.  Need 30+ people to attend.  Knowing rights to be an ally & how to help – ex. If you’re dealing with ICE at your door, how do you handle that?

Contact: and we will connect you with Cybele

EBMUD – Allison, Ben, & Javier (water quality)

Gave a presentation on where our water comes from.  See a PDF of the slide deck here

Highlights:  Currently at a pace of 10 miles/yr replacement of pipe ( total 4200 miles of pipe!) Hopefully bumping up to 40mi/yr.  8 or 9 years ago was the last time we were getting this water.  Normally it comes from Orinda, now upper San Leandro Reservoir.  It has more organic compounds.  They have taken about 1040 bacteriological samples from the past year in our pressure zone (i.e. West Oakland).  This is the same water that San Leandro gets.  2 months ago we were getting water from the San Pablo Reservoir – which is the same water as Richmond & El Cerrito gets.  In the winter they shut down.  Orinda Plant should be back online mid April / May.  This plant was built in the 1930s and has much needed maintenance.

Here is the link to their site that has info about the Water Smell / Taste Differences

Upcoming events to note:

There will be a meeting of the West Oakland Liaison Group on 4/19 from 6:30-8 at their building at 21st & Chestnut.  All invited to attend.

Construction @ 3rd / Peralta: 3rd street sewer interceptor rehabilitation project.  April to November.  Will require a full closure at that intersection.
Neighbor questions:

Neighbor asked about where we can independently get our water tested: EBMUD has a list of certified labs  among others (or contact State of California Department of Public Health at 510-620-3475)  Concern was about lead.  Depending on the treatment plant the water is kept at a ph of 8.3-9.5.  They keep it a little basic (above 7) so that it won’t corrode metal / leach metal.

Another neighbor asked about the pink/red bacteria that can be seen growing.  Answer it is commonly appearing after a big remodel.  Use bleach to wipe it down.

To remove all Chloramine – use reverse osmosis filters.  (can be harmful to fish but other pets ok)  Chloramine is a disinfectant

You can contact EBMUD on:

Phone: 1-866-403-2683

They post on Nextdoor but don’t necessarily monitor it


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