July 20, 2017 meeting agenda

Meeting this Thursday 6-8pm! Next month is National Night Out, so it’s the last meeting before September! This month’s NCPC meeting is devoted to community policing concerns (the new Community Resource Officer introduction) the proposed re-opening of St. Andrews Plaza and steps to prepare to bring more vibrant usage in community.

Regular community officers representing Beat 7x/Area 1 as well as other community leaders representatives are expected to attend.

6:00 pm Neighborhood Crime Prevention Council – Chair, Carol Wyatt

6:05 pm Community Updates – Police Reports, Public Safety Crime Stats

Community Resource Officer Update on recent events, that include shootings,
Murders, major busts and arrests.

Top 3 priorities:

24th and Chestnut Street- Recent Shootings and Car Chase

Uptick in Activities – Donuts on Helen Street

30th/32nd/34th & Peralta/ Magnolia & Union Surround Areas and surrounding area w/encampments

6:25 pm National Night Out Update for NCPC Beat7X – Locations/Ideas & Discussion

6:30 pm West Oakland Neighbors Portion of the Meeting extends to 7:30pm (to
include Auditor Brenda Roberts portion of this meeting)
6:30–Update on residential development at 34th & Hollis St.–Bob Huff, Madison Park Financial
6:40–Presentation by development team member of new brew pub and performance space on the Wood St. part of Clawson/McClymonds–Carrie Shores
7:00–Update from city council office about Emery Go-Round and development at 2400 Filbert
7:10–Presentation by developer of a new cannabis dispensary to be in alignment with the goals of the city’s Race and Equity Dept.–Alex de Man, 4&20 Blackbirds
7:30 pm Auditor Brenda Roberts portion of this meeting

Auditor Roberts will be present to discuss audits being conducted within the City of Oakland to engage the community’s interest in what areas it would like to see audited and interest in how we can maximize the resources within the City of Oakland and how she can help the community review its concerns with regard to how the resources are being spent.

Also, a discussion to begin seeking interest from community members to serve on the NCPC and supportive committees is to begin.

8:00 pm Meeting adjourned (please note depending on the agenda items feedback,
the meeting may run past 8pm).

Next NCPC REGULAR Meeting is September 21st, 2017
Next West Oakland Neighbors Meeting is August 17, 2017
National Night Out – Tuesday August 1st, 2017
Please arrive early as space is limited


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