WON July 20, 2017 meeting notes

West Oakland Neighbors & NCPC Beat 7x Meeting notes, Thurs July 20 2017

~35 people in attendance


NCPC Beat 7x

Officer Gallinetti reporting, new CRO was injured & at hospital.


Contact info for NCPC:

Our new CRO: Karl Templeman Ktempleman@oaklandnet.com

Email Carol @ Beat7xreport@gmail.com with any concerns, questions, or to report anonymously.


Hot items:

  • 24th & chestnut: shooting and car chase
  • 6/20/17 Hannah murder investigation still ongoing, Jose Garcia head investigator.


  • new homeless unit james carrigan (Carridan?)
  • The VA did outreach to a camp. Think they helped people find housing which is why one encampment disappeared.

St. Andrews Plaza:

Amana harris (of Attitudinal Healing) received a grant- Project is: mobile art for kids

will take a year by next summer to occupy st andrews, friday night live took energy away from that space, so it could be there instead. Sparc annie, st marys rep, amana could curate or plan just fold into already existing meetings

Need to get other community members on board get leadership group on board.  Volunteers?



Tonight is the first night we are using a New speaker / soundsystem purchased with NCPC funds from the city.

Are you hosting a NNO party 8/1/17? WON has funds to contribute Jamillah,  Pastor Van Hook get in touch with Carol and Ray.  Need to be a party registered with the city.  4 parties in our beat.




WON portion of meeting


Madison Park Financial update – project at 34th & Hollis- 3250 Hollis St

Bob Huff Project Manager Madison Park m: 510-715-5492  bob@mpfcorp.com

See project website: http://www.mpfcorp.com/HOL.html

Two projects are happening in that area.  Note that the construction starting early in the morning is the city- Peralta Streetscape project- can call Bob if you have feedback.

Currently on foundation work. Will take one year to 15 mo to wrap up. Will have retail space available.

Bob’s here to check in in light of the recent spate of construction fires. Their project at 3900 Adeline was finished a year ago and had no fires.

Be assured they take security seriously, nothing at the location that is valuable yet.  They are serious about lighting and perimeter protection, have a security guard.

There were two all night guards at the other projects and they still burned.

MPF have four guards, sixteen cameras and their projects are smaller. Going overboard w/ security, will have 1 on each corner.

Seeking an expedited hydrants portion of project, so they can use them asap.

Hollis side first then Haven side.

By September will have wood framing done on top of podium. Working through July of 2018.


Wood st project Carrie Shores of Larson Shores- Brew hall and performance venue

In preliminary design phase but brought plans.

Marin brewing company opening brewery and distillery there, will rebrand but not sure yet. (previously mentioned in article here).  

50 new jobs restaurants tasting room

20k sq ft, Will have a 1500 seat music hall/theatre.   Event center, multi functional.  Will have small community park component which will be secured and monitored.

Will be putting in for permits in eight mos (next spring), trying to move homeless encampment from space.  18-24 mos til construction starts

Land use as staging area until build.

Local architect, also did the New Parkway

Parking? Redo sidewalks put in parking and sidewalks, have onsite and additional parking

Can Emery-go-round serve this spot? Traffic study hasn’t started yet.

How will they do hiring?  Encouraging use of West Oakland Job Resource Center


District 7 update

Brigitte out of town so no report



Looking for space in our neighborhood to park their vehicles.  This was brought up previously but they renewed their lease so didn’t need to come to Oakland.  want to renew again.  We are asking for community benefits to possibly include expanded service in W. Oakland if they are going to be storing their vehicles here.
Oakland Heritage Alliance- walking tour 7/30

OHA doing a history walking tour july 30th led by Betty Marvin & Ray Kidd.

Last time was 2011.   Starts at city slicker farm park, with site visits to old clawson school, john murray studios.  From 10-1.



Compassionate community update?  Reporter wants to hear both opinions.  ask for more info.

Outreach at CA hotel ten to two tomorrow homeless food


Cannabis developer four twenty blackbirds

Alex de Man, miles, chip

4&20 blackbirds cannabis culture collective 

420bb.com 855-510-2473 #iamablackbird


Proposed location: 2606 Mandela, across from Brown Sugar Kitchen.  

9000sq ft \17k lot

Planning a cannabis cultural center which includes a dispensary & consumption area.  Hope to have a ‘seed bank’ of all strains.  Want to host “Head” talks.

Want to serve community from ground up

Timeline: They’re in escrow but hoping for jan 1 2018 opening, pending permitting, construction, etc.

Were nominated for best strain and best delivery in Spring 2017 Best of the East Bay.

How recruiting employment? not implemented yet.  Some processes coming into place. Encouraging use of West Oakland Job Resource Center

How will they be working with the community? How address Social, economic, and addiction issues?

Amana worried about kids and addiction

Ceo chip said : can train young kids and give them jobs largest market in the country here.  Oakland needs things people can do.  Discussion about weed education.


Brenda Roberts, City Auditor




Intro by Carol: Where is my money going ? Brenda Roberts City Auditor was elected by us

Special opportunity to have her here.


Brenda: Money should be spent in right place.  Is the city accurately getting all money they should and efficiently? They perform audits and reviews, have a whistleblower hotline, review legislation, conduct investigations, provide guidance to city leaders back end, also will work with residents on neighborhood specific issue.  They are like an equal arm to the government, mayor, city council.  But one doesn’t have enforcement over the other.


Contact the auditor’s office: 888-329-6390


confidential, 24/7.  Report waste, fraud, abuse or misuse


Priorities are public safety, infrastructure, accountability strong ethical environment


Democracy is fragile, trust between voters and elected reps

Jobs and housing – the more we can bring in, the better our city will be


Recent audits: http://www.oaklandauditor.com/audits/audits-chronological

opd overtime

Rent adjustment program

Revenue – property taxes, business taxes (14%) biz was being waived.

Collecting the tax is the other issue. Can pay biz taxes online. Technology is finally moving forward.

Late deposits of fees collected cost the city, prob w controls accountability needed


Audits in progress:

Parking citation voids:  $1.7 mil worth was voided over 3-4 yr period

Has fire dept got the wherewithal etc for inspections

Workforce development grants very close to richmond

Opd 911 response- part of problem it goes to call center instead of 911


Areas of concern: integrity and ethics, equity, violence prevention

Are monies being distributed in an equitable way

City just voted in a Dept of Violence Prevention


Suggested topics:

Neighborhood engagement

Boards and commissions

Share concerns


Bring spirit to city hall, please volunteer!


Dumping bounty program, receive half of all fines ($100+)

Questions from neighbors: Why spending so much money on collecting trash (illegal dumping) vs enforcement cameras to catch/deter illegal dumpers? Or could they put out dumpsters/ Cans and be on regular service?  Is there some other way to address this problem because it isn’t working in our neighborhood.


Why aren’t things enforced? examples: streetsweeping, jaywalking, blighted property

Suggestion:  Instead of weekly streetsweeping, could some of that budget be put to garbage collection?

What is the Auditor’s enforcement process? Power? Authority?

  • Reports are public and put into meetings in public.
  • Follow up audits done reasonable amount of time.  Example: OPD overtime – they will be having a follow up since it has been 2 years and will find out if there have been appropriate adjustments.

Rent Adjustment Program went from $30 to $68

Bringing website up to date


Future topics:

Big project staring at 2400 filbert, we will have builder come to meeting to present.


Next West Oakland Neighbors Meeting is August 17, 2017

Next NCPC Meeting is September 21st, 2017



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