CalEPA Taskforce report – Summer 2017

The Cal EPA came to our neighborhood for a few months this Spring for Environmental Justice Enforcement Taskforce.

“Working with your community and hearing your concerns, CalEPA and its boards
and departments, along with local agencies and the US EPA, conducted over 100
inspections of different types of industries to ensure public health and safety. CalEPA
will be presenting the preliminary results of this initiative, as well as other information
on how you can help to increase compliance with environmental laws and decrease
pollution in your neighborhood.”

Air quality and pollution issues in the community
Toxics, including lead in jewelry sold in discount and beauty supply stores.
Storm water quality and capacity issues at recycling facilities near the port.

Here is the result of their studies.

See PDF: West Oakland_Community_Response_Final 7-13-17 for more details and visuals.


Discount Stores – DTSC – Lead in Jewelry

Jewelry Inspection results

118 different styles of jewelry items found with excessive levels of lead and/or cadmium.  Up to 99 percent (998,000 ppm) cadmium was found in children’s jewelry which exceeds the .03 percent (300 ppm) cadmium limit

Some of the children’s jewelry was falsely advertised as “Lead Free”

• Eight of the 18 Oakland retailers were issued notices of violation; no violations identified for 10 of the 18 retailers inspected

• All three jewelry suppliers inspected in LA were issued notices of violation

Contacts & More Info:

Antonia Becker (510) 540-3889

DTSC Metal-Containing Jewelry Information:

Noncompliant Jewelry Photos:

DPR – Pesticide Labeling

CARB – Consumer Products with VOCs


10 CARB Truck Stop Locations

• 67 truck inspections

• 8 citations

• 3 fleets being investigated

7 Facilities inspected by BAAQMD


Dray-Off is when a compliant drayage truck exchanges a port or rail yard originated or bound container (either empty or full), a trailer with bulk cargo, or chassis with a non-compliant drayage truck off port or intermodal rail yard property anywhere within the State of California.

Drayage trucks that engage in dray-off are circumventing regulatory requirements, which adversely impacts the air quality of the surrounding communities and fosters an uncompetitive business environment.

The Drayage Truck Regulation was changed to include drayage trucks operating off of port or rail property.


• What Can you do?

• Report Illegal Dray-Off Trucks to ARB Enforcement Division:

Phone: 916-229-0395 Email:

Questions?  888-247-4821

Port of Oakland – Idling Enforcement

Which Vehicles are covered?

• Heavy-duty diesel with GVWR of 10,000 lbs. or more

How long can they idle?

• No longer than 5 mins.

• Shut down engine at schools.


• Certified Clean Idle – Sticker

• 100 feet from restricted areas

• Traffic/queue

What can you do?

• Call ARB’s Vehicle Complaint Hotline: 1-800-363-7664


Mark Stover, Branch Chief

Field Operations Branch

Enforcement Division

Phone: (916) 229-0757

Rachel Connors, Bay Area EJ liaison

Air Resources Engineer

Enforcement Division

Phone: (916) 229-0513



15 sites inspected by US EPA or Regional Water Board

13 sites out of compliance

We didn’t have specific “bad actors” in these neighborhoods

We inspected companies who perform industrial activities outdoors which can lead to polluted stormwater:

•Auto dismantlers and metal recyclers

•Paper and plastic recyclers

•Concrete recyclers

•Concrete batch plants

Too much stuff! Sites are overflowing with materials

Inadequate containment



Stuff that should not be there

Water quality sampling not happening

Inspection reports putting business on notice to fix problems

We ramp up if they do not fix the problems with various types of additional regulatory actions and enforcement

We will keep our focus on these sites until they return to compliance

Who to contact with questions

U.S. EPA – David Wampler (415) 972-3975

CA Regional Water Board Christine Boschen (510) 622-2346

CA State Water Board Jasmine Oaxaca (916) 322-5327


11 Solid Waste Facility Inspections

5 facilities in violation

25 Waste Tire Inspections

1 manifest violation

18 Beverage Container Recycling Inspections

5 facilities in violation

$4,000 redemption payment denied

Recycling Center

•90% or more is recycled

Solid Waste Transfer Station

• Less than 90% is recycled


County of Alameda

Solid Waste Local Enforcement Agency

Alameda County Environmental

Health Department

1131 Harbor Bay Pky Ste 200

Alameda, CA 94502-6540

Phone: 510-567-6790



28 facility inspections

• 7 have on-going enforcement by ACDEH

• 5 have on-going enforcement by DTSC

Hazardous Materials or Waste Concerns?

Alameda County Department of Environmental Health

(510) 567-6700

E-D Coat Inc. Inspection Update

• Multi-agency inspection on April 19, 2017

• Investigation is ongoing

• DTSC issued an Administrative Action Order on April 24, 2017

• Remediation to be overseen by DTSC Cleanups

For more Information go to:


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