WON August 17, 2017 meeting notes

Thurs Aug 17, 2017

17 attendees

General community updates

– Proposed Emery Go-Round parking lot under the freeway at Ettie St. off 34th

– Caltrans lot on Mandela behind Ettie St. that is no longer being considered for a temporary homeless encampment but may be purchased by the city for affordable housing

– West Oakland Bart station development

– West Oakland Community Fund that is coming from the army base development

– an offer from Bay Alarm for lower cost home security.
New hotel on Mandela Parkway–James Heilbronner, Architectural Dimensions

See previous article on e’ville eye: 220 room “Mandela Hotel”

Planning a 220 room hotel, 6 stories, but maybe 7, with parking either in 2 underground stories or under the adjacent freeway maze if negotiations with Caltrans are successful.  There are still permitting and financing issues to be dealt with.  

Location: Across from the Extended Stay, next to Target.  Triangular lot.  Caltrans is in an agreement to sell the triangle.  6 stories, 220 rooms.  May capture parking under the overpasses, but will have underground garage..  (looks like it has a donut on top).  45 jobs at the hotel (operations, etc.)  May try to make a small park.

Within WOSP requirements incl. Environmental Review (city has been checking that since February).  Hotel will generate $7000/day for city (conservatively) and Jim complains that the city is losing this every day that they don’t promote the plans through for the hotel.  Oakland has highest transit occupancy tax in state.  This is the only hotel going up in Oakland, staggering amount going up in the rest of the Bay Area.  Says other hotel developers want to be here but would rather deal with SF process because it is so hard here in Oakland.  Includes the city attorney’s office which is very unusual.  City has a policy of confidentiality between the traffic consultant doing the study (even though hired by the developer.)   Not sure that the EIR of the WOSP works on a practical level to make compliance easier.  Yes it is good as a legal protection but didn’t make the process smoother as was pitched.

FYI: $40K per car – expense to build underground parking- 173 spots.   Has a pool enclosed on the first floor.   Won’t put pool on roof – noise issues and smell (ebmud).

Hoping to start next June pending city process, finish winter 2020.  

There is not a retail pod in the building.  Breakfast / coffee / maybe.

Ray suggested that the development team check with Emery Go Round since they may be storing their cars at 34th/Mandela- a way to get a transit option.  

RE: Army Base Development (Heilbronner is an architect on that project too)

Don’t have the first tenant to the army base redevelopment yet.  Caltrans is there, next to them.  There will be jobs but not at that stage yet.  Increase in trains – technology on locomotives has changed, more electrified, less polluting.
Update on St. Andrew’s Plaza and other things–Brigitte Cook, from Councilmember McElhaney’s office

Semi-Truck parking – there is going to be a series of workshops / community meetings.  There is a new truck route being planned.    Truck Management Plan website more info in September 2017

Also talking about enforcement.  Report by the EDF re: the current routes and pollution is still not at an acceptable meeting. There are 2 officers assigned to the port that are supposed to be enforcing those trucks. Since the last route was done there have been needed adjustments due to developments.

Cass / CWS relocation to Army Base – moving forward.  Trucks coming to Cass and CWS.  7th/market location – trucks are allowed but are not supposed to be idling.  Report:

Air Resources Board: https://www.arb.ca.gov/enf/complaints/idling_cv.htm 1-800-END-SMOG.

neighbor says: Signs are up that says they are not allowed, so getting conflicting information.  Brigitte will talk to Pat McGowan to come discuss what is allowed and not.

Army Base – Jobs – ProLogis and Dry…(?) Moving forward.  Private partners.  ProLogis is moving forward with construction and will start hiring.  2nd floor of West Oakland Library for hiring.  May need certification – warehouses highly automated. are college of alameda/Laney to get certified – forklifts and working in logistics area.   Job Resource center mainly focused on army base.  First priority is West Oakland.  PLEASE SHARE WITH ANYONE LOCAL WHO MAY BE INTERESTED.

More info here: WOJRC (West Oakland Job Resources Center) http://oaklandcommunityjobscenter.org/

Hotels – challenging, new one opened in East Oakland.  14th and clay, former owner of the A’s purchased a lot and is planning on building.  Another possible one in Jack London Square.  Occupancy is very high and sell out, we don’t have enough space.  Because we have so few beds, what used to be the lower quality motels are now renovating and not available – used to be $35/night now  $125 a night.  Has taken away some last stop housing from people who needed it.  Not necessarily bad but something to keep in mind.

St. Andrews – more work needs to be done – at an Open meeting talked about: 1) meeting with the folks who hang out, maybe have a bbq with them to talk about setting up standards of behavior for when the park opens back up.  Will be open as needed for special events until the consensus is that it can be safe for everyone – want it to be safe for seniors.  Want positive activities.  On MLK day had a very positive event.  Want to continue that – from SPARC, from healthcare, yoga, tai chi, talk to AHC to do painting / art classes in space.  Do a soft opening / launch.  Offer made thru NCPC to do a launch, Joe DeVries & SPARC have offered some funding.  Want to coordinate the effort with these groups to create a space with positive energy.  Don’t want to drive people away.  Glad for WON to offer to help but need a steering committee to make it happen.

Carol: Number 1 thing everyone has said is don’t open St. Andrews so it can become another encampment.  What is going on with row of stores across the street- donut shop and around corner.  Neighbors are very nervous – afraid that since there are no benches in park, as soon as it opens, the tents will come in and they’ll have a new encampment.   Have a neighbor who can open and close, and want her to be safe.   We want People’s Community Market to succeed so we want to make sure St. Andrews succeeds.  

Brigitte: Property that belongs to St. Matthews  on Filbert- help to enforce no loitering.  Property across street may be sold (with mural?).  In general- how to get the property owners to help make the people there accountable.  Strategy has to include property owners.  Some of it is on city sidewalk on Filbert, and some part is private property.  Met with Christine Daniels and Joe Devries today regarding encampments.  City failed to follow up on 35th/magnolia.  Needs to get better and can’t get worse than it was before.  This group has been very generous to be open to the experiment and need to do right by the community.

Neighbor: Possibility of putting food cart or food truck at St. Andrews? And to have on an ongoing basis?  BC- need to have a way to monitor it.  So unless the person operating the food truck can monitor / police.  Can’t guarantee that we could have a police officer come to help close the park at 7pm, OPD won’t commit to that.  

Carol – lots of seniors nearby.  Have a lot of activities @ California Hotel/sparc it place.  We could not get a consistent enough response from OPD so we want to make sure we get the sketchy behavior out.   Have not been able to get people to keep from hanging out on private property.  BC- one thing neighbors can do is keep complaining against the property owners.  If there are only 1 or 2 complaints the city attorney can’t do anything, has nothing to move code enforcement on.  Needs to give the city some teeth, and also have correspondence with the owners. Note: in the commercial building across from St. Andrews were some illegal residences and so some action has started there.

Code enforcement may be the only way to give the city leverage to take action.

Parking lot on filbert – will become parking lot for PCM.   OPD won’t go on private property-  there is a form that you can file with OPD to allow them to come onto private property, and if there is a no loitering sign.  Ray notes that the developers of the brew pub on wood street have filed this form to allow OPD to enforce.

Emery Go Round – proposed location at 34th & Eddy / Mandela

Brigitte collecting info from community about what mitigation for impact on neighborhood we want.  Contact: BCook@Oaklandnet.com  Better lighting, more landscaping, better security, extend a shuttle down to west oakland bart.  Put in/support some kind of traffic control at 34th / Mandela because of increased traffic.  Have currently hired a traffic engineer to do a study about how they will arrive there.   BC- Emery go round is paid for by the businesses.  Zach Wald has been talking with different groups – how do we fund this so we can run it thru Oakland.  Before we move forward with asking them for stuff, want to know: do we want to pursue Emery Go Round coming down Mandela?

Neighbor: How likely is it that there will be transportation infrastructure coming soon in accordance with what is in the WOSP?  BC- those are all just ideas, plans, but don’t have any funding / Bonds for them.  That will all have to come to a ballot so for now there is nothing.

Carol – let’s be honest, Emery Go Round services people going from Macarthur bart to Pixar and Pharmaceutical companies.   There’s no reason it couldn’t be going from West Oakland Bart also.

BC – Yes and those are primarily the businesses that pay for the Emery Go Round. according to studies – majority of folks going there are coming from Macarthur, but also there’s going to be more growth – sherwin williams, pacific pipe – beer garden, new hotel – so seems like an opportunity to expand Emery Go Round to include a route that goes almost directly to SF

Neighbor: Is there a potential to put a camera at st. andrews? Neighbor wrote email to Joe Devries and he responded about cost and privacy issues.

BC- Privacy committee council to meet about that.  Brigitte will bring it to the group.  Private homes can always have cameras.  Only an issue when the city controls the camera thus it has to go through council approvall.


Discussion and survey about proposed Market St. bike lanes and re-striping–Sarah Fine, city transportation planner

Handout: (link coming soon)

The city is still accepting survey responses on the Market St. repaving and striping project here,  https://goo.gl/forms/jkHxMpHsjrycZm1K3.

Introducing OakDOT – new Department of Transportation- used to be part of Public works but the transportation part got split out.  Have a strategic plan – ESVR.  Repaving: current project is Market – West Grand up to the Berkeley border.     Since they have repaved this is an opportunity to redo the striping / traffic flow/ safety.

Specifically she wants input on the proposed pedestrian improvement here on Market St.- safety zones.  Is this something we want?  Have they identified the right places?  Also opportunity for a school or community group to come in and paint it in the way they want – OakDOT will paint it a single color.  Will have a call for applications to paint.  Current website here: https://beta.oaklandca.gov/services/transform-streets

May leave a turning lane, hoping this all slows the traffic down and makes it safer for everyone.

Neighbor: San Pablo to market  – asking some traffic calming to avoid sideshow / etc. at that spot. SF: May be putting pedestrian bulbout (?) in at Brockhurst.

Neighbor: Concern that whatever gets put in – must be simple and sustainable because we see how other things do not get maintained.

Neighbor: Concerns about issues like the roots of the trees busting up sidewalks on city trees, we have been complaining about this for years, yet we can’t get them to redo the pavement.  When they planted the trees that were unsuitable for the location.  Too big.   How do we get access to some of the money that got allocated for restriping for bicycle lanes?  Seems like a potential lawuit waiting to happen when someone can’t get past the sidewalk that is busted up.

BC – knows this is a major concern – there are a lot of senior neighbors on the street – market b/n 10th & 8th to Filbert.

Carol – has the bus on Market been taken into consideration, 2 bus lines.  What is the impact?  SF- Think there will be very little. There will be a turn pocket where the most turns happen, like 55th, so buses should be able to go around easily.

Neighbor – street sweeping – concerns about the impact of street sweeping fines and how collected.  in the areas where people pay less and are more prone to moving / changing addresses – fines get worse if you have a different address (ex. $65 turns into $130 very quickly,   particularly frustrating when street sweeper doesn’t come. How are the parking regulation for street sweeping set, and who changes? (Public Works) and where does the money collected go?  

BC- Need 67% of the people on the block to agree to the change.  Have to get the neighbors to agree, there is a process for doing that.   If the street sweeper doesn’t come you don’t have to pay.  You can call Public Works (510) 615-5566  to confirm that they didn’t have a street sweeper come through that day.  And then contest the ticket.   Take a picture of the street, also, call in.  timestamp picture.

In terms of parking after the sweeper leaves, unfortunately the whole time span is restricted and that hasn’t been able to be adjusted.   Frank Foster is the manager in Public Works, call and request him through the call center.   Councilperson McElhaney is looking for a way to do community service to work off your ticket.  Would have to bring forth to council.  
Mural project – Renata Foucre

Last weekend Renata participated in the Design Dash sponsored by EBALDC and SPARC

There are 5 projects for 2017- Popup Library (eventually to become the Hoover Library), Pedestrian Safety at the California Hotel, St. Mary’s Portraits & Quotes, and 3 murals:  Community Food Justice Mural, Graffiti Replacement Mural, GiveBack Mural.

Community Food Justice Mural – proposed site at Orlando’s Market – 30th/Linden.  Location is not secured yet.  Welcome any donations, help painting the day of.  Participated in last year’s Family Tree Mural at San Pablo/30th.  Contact: Rtystk kissmyblackarts@gmail.com.  

Graffiti Replacement Mural:

Natty Rebel (Andre Jones) & Neighbor from across the street with 5 children.  Proposed location: 3125 Chestnut St.  Does anyone have a relationship with the owner?


GiveBack Mural – Neighbors Renata Foucré (30th St) & Dave Kim (Union St.) .               Email: renata.foucre@gmail.com

Earlier this year Renata & her husband caught some guys from Livermore & New York tagging across the street.  They were fined $1K on their auto and Renata was entitled to half of that money as a reward.  Instead of keeping it Renata wanted to reinvest it in the neighborhood, to create something beautiful with paint, an antidote to the blight that out of towners were inflicting on our home.   We got Dave Kim onboard to help do a mural.  We wanted to not only put up a mural but have it be ‘community owned’, especially by kids- to give them something beautiful and visible to be proud of.   We brought this project up to the SPARC Design Dash organizers and were offered $1K to help bring the project to fruition plus they put us in contact with the owner of a martial arts gym at 26th & West – KES Fitness.  Kewesi of KES Fitness had had a mural painted on the side of the building he leases that had been destroyed by taggers so he was particularly interested in bringing something beautiful back.  Now we have $1500, are applying for grants, and will still need some more help:  more money for materials, artist fee, and food to feed the volunteers.  This is an ambitious project that will cost around $5000 to cover 1000-1200 sq ft of wall space. We’ve reached out to someone at Oakland Tech and Hoover school, if anyone has a contact at McClymonds we would love it.





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