WON Contact Info

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Local Contact Info

Name Contact
Abandoned Auto 510-777-8622
Abandoned Auto FAQ
Air Pollution 1-800-334-ODOR (6367)
Online Air Polution Complaints
EBMUD Odor Control Hotline 510-287-1522
Online Odor Report
Animal Control 510-535-5602 (live animals)
510-535-4888 (dead animals)
California Waste Solutions 510-832-8111
CalTrans – District 4 Online Service Requests
Code Enforcement (blighted properties) 510-238-3381
More info
Drug Hotline 510-238-3784 (anonymous tips)
510-777-3211 (emergency)
Parking Citations 800-500-6484 (citation assistance)
510-238-3099 (enforcement)
PG&E Local Contact Roxanne Cruz
Prostitution Hotline 510-238-2373 (anonymous tips)
510-777-3211 (emergency)
U-Haul vehicle recovery 1-888-886-0782 email
Shopping Cart issues Home Depot: 800-654-0688
Local store manager: 510-601-9400 x100
Target: 800-440-0680
Local store #2767: 510-285-0559
Street Sweeping Issues 510-434-5112
Art Watson: